Awakening Your Energy to Heal Your Life

Unleash your inner power now!


AwakeningYour Energy to Heal Your Life: create New Opportunities, Perspectives, Insights, Life Energy and unleash your inner power.

We’re offering 1-to-1 and group coaching, courses, and masterclasses at beginner and advanced levels, as well as special limited edition sessions of energy boosting meditation, mindfulness, and Qi Gong.

Understanding and mastering your own energy at its various levels allows you to create without limits and unleash your inner power.

R. Palandri

An integral part of what I do is being a healer.
For this reason, I am offering a series of highly effective healing & guidance practices to be done in presence or remotely.

Some of the practices I can help you with are:

  • Qi Healing (also called Qi Gong Healing)
  • Reiki
  • Quantum Healing
  • Chakra Healing
  • Pranayama – Pranic Healing
  • Shadow work Healing
  • Hypnotherapy, Neuroplasticity, and Regression 
  • Emotional Healing & Guidance
  • Spiritual Healing & Guidance

You can have a look at the current offers here.

Ψυχῆς ἰατρεῖον – Healing Place of The Soul

Inscription on the Sacred Library of the tomb complex of Οσυμανδύας (Ramses II), at Thebes.
Ψυχῆς ἰατρεῖον – Healing Place of The Soul

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